Egyptian Geese: The family walk and swim

The Egyptian Goose is a fairly common sight across most of Africa, and has now spread to further shores including the United Kingdom and North America where are there are stable breeding populations in the wild. This goose, which is pale brown and grey, has prominent brown eye patches and white wing patches, which are prominently visible in flight. It is related to the Shelduck. The birds are fairly large – adults can be upto 73 cm long and 2.25 kg with a wingspan of 1.3 metres. They eat seed and grass.


It was nice to see a family out for its afternoon walk, on the banks of the Chobe River, on the Botswana bank in Chobe national park. The border between Botswana and Namibia is the river itself.

Parents striding forward, and the five chicks following in tow.

The kids decide to take swim in the shallow waters near the bank to get respite from the afternoon sun.

Then mama goose joins them in the water as well!

Gaining confidence the chicks take the lead, striding ahead.

The kids get more adventurous and move further ahead, the distance from their parents gradually increasing.

Till one gets separated, but a caring parent goes and finds it to huddle together!

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